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Everything would be nonsense...
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Various art from Ray Spence and Dawn Ransome.


Dude, you guys draw some awsome things!




Holy crap yes!  I am opening for commissions!
But I'm not asking for your money!
Instead, I would like Points! Points Points Points 
I don't have a PayPal yet, so this will have to do.

Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red SLOTS Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink ART SLOTS Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Yellow krazykez - Paid 200Points in full - Art in Progress
Bullet; Yellow OPEN
Bullet; Yellow OPEN
Bullet; Yellow OPEN
Bullet; Yellow OPEN

Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink ANIMATION SLOTS Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple 
Animating takes longer and more work.
Projects may take a month or longer depending on the request.
Bullet; Yellow OPEN
Bullet; Yellow OPEN

Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red ART Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Black SKETCHES Bullet; Black 
25 Points    Pencil (hard to see, though)
50 Points    Inked
100 Points  Colored
Tarrant by DawnTheCreatorVincent Strangling Edaniel by DawnTheCreatorBattle Over Africa by DawnTheCreator

Bullet; Black BLACK AND WHITE Bullet; Black 
150 Points    Minimal Shading
200 Points    Full shading
+200 Points  for each additional character
Violet's Music Box - Old by DawnTheCreatorHalloween Crasher or Nameless Psycho by DawnTheCreator

Bullet; Black CHIBIS Bullet; Black 
400 Points 
+200 Points  for each additional character
For Checkmate by DawnTheCreatorMySims: Rob and Ray - Twins? by DawnTheCreatorChibi Maid by DawnTheCreatorMy Candy Love Secret V-Day for Tsubi by DawnTheCreator

Bullet; Black HALF BODY Bullet; Black 
400 Points 
+200 Points  for each additional character
Love - Colored by DawnTheCreatorFor Starawsome by DawnTheCreatorFor Uze by DawnTheCreator

Bullet; Black FULL BODY Bullet; Black 
800 Points 
+200 Points  for each additional character
Violet and Roy in Silent Hill by DawnTheCreatorMySims - MyBoys by DawnTheCreatorThe Wolf and the Chicks by DawnTheCreator

Bullet; Black PONIES AND TROLLS Bullet; Black ("My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and "Homestuck")
400 Points     for Canon Character
500 Points     for Original Character
+200 Points   for each additional character
Halloween Ponies No Background by DawnTheCreatorDawn is a Pony! by DawnTheCreatorOC Troll 1 by DawnTheCreator

Bullet; Black SHORT ANIMATION Bullet; Black  (limited frames)
1000 Points    Line Art
1500 Points    Black and White
2500 Points    Colored
+500 Points    for each additional character
+200 Points    for stationary background
+1000 Points  for changing background
Steven Head Spin by DawnTheCreatorViolet Head Slam by DawnTheCreatorViolet Rave by DawnTheCreator

Bullet; Black BACKGROUNDS Bullet; Black 
+100 Points  Color Gradient
+200 Points  Stock Images
+400 Points  Hand-drawn
V-Day Background by DawnTheCreatorHalloween Background by DawnTheCreatorNotebook Page 2 by DawnTheCreator

Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red RULES Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink REQUEST NOTES Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Blue Backgrounds are listed separately, so if you don't put down what background you want, I'll assume you want none.
Bullet; Blue Solid color backgrounds DO NOT cost extra.
Bullet; Blue Special poses DO NOT cost extra.  In fact, I encourage you to tell me if you have any specific poses in mind.
Bullet; Blue Please give me references to what you want me to draw.  If I go in blindly with only a little description of the characters, I cannot promise you'll like what you get.
Bullet; Blue I may give recommendations on your request if you are not fully sure of what you want so it helps me draw you a better picture.

Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink I WILL NOT DRAW Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Blue Nudity, porn, hentai, or scantily clad (like "Kill la Kill" standards) requests.  NSFW
Bullet; Blue Humanized ponies, sorry.
Bullet; Blue Characters for animes and games I'm unfamiliar with.
Bullet; Blue Character ships I'm not comfortable with (unless you are a close friend of mine).
Bullet; Blue Genderbends of any sort.

Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink I WILL DRAW Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Blue Blood and Gore
Bullet; Blue Crossovers
Bullet; Blue Kissing Scenes (as long as it doesn't make me uncomfortable to draw it).
Bullet; Blue Things that aren't human, objects, and simple animals.
Bullet; Blue Detailed backgrounds (but It will take longer).

Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink CONTACT Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Blue I answer Notes faster than Comments.
Bullet; Blue Please keep your request here on my DA account.
Bullet; Blue Please don't make me do the math for you, but if you have questions, I'll be happy to answer.

Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink PAYMENT Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Blue I request at least half of the payment up front and the rest after I'm done.
Bullet; Blue You do not have to pay me until I'm ready to work on your project.
Bullet; Blue I WILL NOT make the art BEFORE I'm paid at least half.
Bullet; Blue If you ABSOLUTLY MUST pay in cash, please send me a note and we'll talk about mailing and pricing.
Bullet; Blue If you want to cancel your request, let me know.  If you've already paid, please let me know why you're making me stop the project half way through.  If you want what I have already started on, I'll demand the price it's worth and I'll return the rest.
Bullet; Blue If you cannot pay right away, I'll put you on the list, but you may get bumped down if I finish a project and someone else is ready for me to start.  If you are completely bumped off the list, I will notify you.
Bullet; Blue On very specific terms, I will agree to an art trade.

Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink DO NOT Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple 
Bullet; Blue Do not steal my art.  If you want to post it somewhere, let me know, send me a link to where you want to post it (I'll add it to the description of your request), and give me credit where it's due.
Bullet; Blue Do not nag me about your request.  I will go in order of the list.  If you are truly worried that I'm not working on your request, send me a note and I'll send you a screenshot of where I am with it.  Other than that, don't nag.  I have a life outside of this computer, and nagging will lead to a warning, then a ban and the return of your points.
Bullet; Blue Do not harass me just because I don't want to take your request for whatever reasons.  If it's something that makes me uncomfortable or I'm not confident enough in drawing it, I have the right to refuse you.  Harassment will lead to an automatic ban.
Bullet; Blue Do not try to get out of paying.  If you don't like it, be specific as to what so I can fix it.  If you're just trying to get free art, I will ban you.
Bullet; Blue Do not be rude to me or other people requesting art.  I will ban you.

Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red BANNED LIST Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Yellow None yet, let's keep it that way.
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I love to draw, I enjoy manga, anime, horror films, video games, and blah blah blah. I'm sure you don't want to be bored with my life's story, eh?

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